Fly Our Boards

Did you ever dream about flying? Your dream is about to get true!

The Flyboard is a water-powered Jetboard which you can connect to your feet. It makes you fly over the water like Superman, lets you swim and dive like a dolphin and that all within the first few minutes; guaranteed!

This brand new sport is the top attraction on Tripadvisor for Mallorca due to so many satisfied customers. Our instructors will make sure you fly, or you don´t pay!

A friends trip for Flyboarding will create the best memories and the best pictures. We will be going out together in a boat with music and drinks and return when everybody has enough.

100% safe and secure activity with brand new equipment

What is the Flyboard or Flyboarding?

Flyboarding is the fastest growing water sport along the beaches and lakes all over the world. And as Mallorca is one of watersport hotspots you will find Flyboarding here as well.

Surely you have seen pictues of people flying several meters high above the water performing stunts and diving like dophins?!

That is the flyboard. Basically a board with bindings and two water jets, powered by a jetski, who is creating the water pressure.

We, as we are experts in water activities, have dedicated ourselfes to make this new and exciting sport available for you.

Who can do it?

It is an activity for everybody over 16 years. Beginners will stay less high as the experts, but the sensation is the same.

Within minutes your instructor will teach you how to get out of the water and hover in two meters. It´s easy and everbody can learn this, promised. 100% of our guest learn to fly within the first session!

The experienced instructor will be with you all the time to make you enjoy this activity to the fullest.

So who doesn`t want to be superman for a while? Now you got the chance!

Come to Mallorca Water Sport Center at Port Calanova, get in the boots and fly. 

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