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Ride your brand new jetski in the bay of Palma de Mallorca. The Seadoo GTI 130 is the newest model on the market and you will enjoy it a lot.

You can ride all yourself in a Free-Ride Session or you share the Jetski with your friend in a Friends-Ride Session.

Go on a jet ski excursion with our guides and explore the waters and the bay.

Come and enjoy!

Imagine to drive your own jetski in the bay of Palma! This dream can come reality.

Come to the Mallorca Water Sport Center and just do it.

What is a Jetski?

They are called personal watercraft as well. You can pilot a Jetski yourself with a copilot sitting behind you. They are propulsed by a jet which pushes the Jetski forward.

High potentiall and very close to the water so the sensation of speed is better than ever.

In out center we have brand new Seadoo GTI Jetski available to get everybody on the water. You don`t need and qualification or certification before joining us.

Where can we go with the Jetski

We have two options. First you can go riding yourself in our circuit together with your friends. This circuit is closed to other boats so you can enjoy the full power in a very safe manner.

The second option are our Jetski Tours. A professional guide takes you on a excursion along the coast of Mallorca; we visit small coves, go for a swim in pristine waters reachable only by boat, and blast along with full speed. You will be riding your own Jetski, the instructor will be with you on his Jetski showing you along.
We offer two Jetski Safaris of 30 minutes or 60 minutes.

This is the best way to experience the sensation of speed, the beautiness of Mallorcas coast and the excitment of beeing a jetski pilot.

Come and try it today!

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